Transitive and Intransitive Verb Examples

Transitive verbs are action verbs that have a direct object, while intransitive verbs are action verbs that do not have a direct object.

Remember that direct objects receive the verb’s action, meaning the action is performed on the direct object. One easy way to identify a direct object is to locate the sentence’s verb, and then ask, “What?”

Wandering Minds Stray | Addressing Your Essay Topic

Have you ever composed a beautifully written (brilliantly thought out) essay only to receive a disappointingly low score because you didn’t address the topic?

No matter how great your essay is, you’ll never receive a high grade if you don’t address the topic and stick to it. On most standardized tests, for example, writing an essay that is off topic will earn you a zero.

Writing Strong Supporting Details

Supporting details are facts, examples, definitions or descriptions that back up a claim that’s typically made in the topic sentence. They’re arguably one of the most critical components of any composition, expanding on a writer’s point-of-view while also providing structure. Supporting details don’t have to be objective facts or statistics. Quotes from respected or relevant sources, or personal experiences can be just as effective when used appropriately.

Apostrophe Mistakes: Unnecessary and Missing

Apostrophe is a big word for a such a little symbol. Apostrophes have a couple typical uses: they’re used to form possessive nouns (the cat’s collar) or form contractions/replace omitted letters (can’t, don’t, won’t, the ‘70s). Simple in theory, complicated in execution: from primary school through college graduation, apostrophes are one of the main grammar issues found in academic compositions.

Verb Tense Consistency (Grammar Rules)

Verb tenses tell us when an action happened: In the past, present, or sometimes future. It’s always good measure to maintain verb tense consistency throughout a clause or entire text.

This means that you should keep the same verb tense (present tense, for example) from beginning to end. You should only change verb tenses if you want to indicate a change in time.

The Value of Using APIs at Your EdTech Company

As the technology we use becomes more interconnected, it is only natural that our institutions follow. In today’s API Economy, businesses are relying upon collaboration to improve their user applications. Education technology has lagged behind in integrating API technology, but with its potential to solve administrative problems and improve student learning, the use of APIs in education will continue to rise.