15 Funny Memes Every Writer Can Empathize With

15 Funny Memes Every Writer Can Empathize With

While we take all writing (and, yes, academic writing included) seriously here at WriteLab, there's still room for humor. So even if you call yourself a writer you know that writing is hard. Here are 15 funny memes that every writer can empathize with regardless of their experience level or what stage of the writing process they find themselves in. 

1. The question no writing teacher wants to hear:

You told your students there are no stupid questions, but...

2. This phenomenon every student knows:

The beginning is always the toughest part.

3. How to define success:

…because hard work deserves to be celebrated.

4. This annoying but life-saving habit:

We’ve all lost some brilliant writing before, haven’t we? Never again!

5. This moment of sheer panic:

…because who wants to write essays when you can watch cute cat videos?

6. The constant nagging of your essay that wants to be written:

You just can’t escape it. Not even in your dreams.

7. The writing guilt:

It’s real. Relentless. Unforgiving.

8. This brilliant idea:

Lots of smart-sounding words without actual meaning? It's tempting but don't do it! Let WriteLab help!

9. The last resort:

No one will notice, right?

10. The writing process in a nutshell:

Maybe you’re just too tired to understand your genius outpourings from last night?

11. This joyful occasion:

…because writing that essay really felt like stumbling through the wasteland of Mordor, climbing a fire-spitting volcano, and having someone bite off your finger.

12. The valuable feedback from your teacher:

 "Thank you. I’m going home to cry now."

13. This unique mix of despair, exhaustion, and hope:

When you’ve given everything to write an amazing essay…

14. But your teacher reacts like this:

Seriously, what is any of this supposed to mean?

15. And if you haven’t experienced any of this, then you surely know this moment of shocking realization:

Oh no, not again!

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