5 Ways to Use WriteLab in Your Writing Center

5 Ways to Use WriteLab in Your Writing Center

A lot of people have asked us, “How do I go about using WriteLab in my writing center?” The short answer is this: you and your tutors can use WriteLab in any way that supports the flow of your daily work. 

But if you’d like some more specific ideas for how to implement WriteLab in your writing center, here are five ways that Writing Center Directors and tutors have used WriteLab over the last year.

1.  Students work with WriteLab before meeting with tutors

Students can work through multiple drafts of their essay in WriteLab before they meet with a tutor. When students use WriteLab, they practice making decisions about what it is they want to say and how they want to say it. They are then more confident about declaring that their draft is “ready-to-be-read” by peers, tutors, or instructors.

2.  Students work with WriteLab while they wait to meet with a tutor

Many writing centers are flooded with students during midterms and finals, and often students spend time waiting for tutoring. When WriteLab is part of the writing center, students can work through their papers with WriteLab while waiting for tutors.

3.  Tutors and students discuss WriteLab’s Comments during the tutoring session

Students and tutors can dedicate a tutoring session to working in WriteLab. They can discuss WriteLab’s comments and consider the impact that specific writing choices have on the draft. The tutor can also provide responses by using WriteLab’s Notes function.

4.  Tutors use WriteLab to respond to student writing

WriteLab supports asynchronous online tutoring. Students can share their documents with any of your tutors through WriteLab. Your tutors can provide marginal notations using WriteLab’s notes feature.

5.  Students use WriteLab to continue practicing their writing after the tutoring session

Tutors can ask their students to use WriteLab long after the tutoring session has ended. With WriteLab, students never really leave the writing center, and we supply you with comprehensive analytics about students’ writing habits and learning outcomes.

However you choose to use WriteLab, we trust you’ll find it a powerful tool in practicing and tutoring writing. And we hope you'll tell us if you discover any new ways to implement WriteLab in your writing center.

Learn more about integrating WriteLab into your Writing Center for synchronous and asynchronous learning.

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