How WriteLab Boosts Writing Confidence

How WriteLab Boosts Writing Confidence

“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t—you’re right.” Henry Ford’s assertion about the belief in self applies to your students and their ability to write.

Confidence in one’s writing plays a huge role in success across assignments. And, as a teacher, you’re constantly working to build that confidence in your students. Yet nothing breeds confidence like success. Thus you want your students to experience the success of writing well over and over. So where do we start in providing successes that breed confidence (that leads to success that breeds more confidence)?

It’s simple. You start where your writers are right now and build from there. WriteLab’s feedback and app provides assistance by helping students build confidence in their ideas, process, and writing.  

Freedom of Choice

Give your students freedom in how they respond to diverse feedback. WriteLab analyzes student writing for Concision, Clarity, Logic, and Grammar—but it’s up to the student how they’ll move forward in the drafting and revision process. Students can choose to accept and work with the feedback offered by the app, or simply ignore them and continue working. Over time, with machine learning, the app will recognize which types of comments students reject and decrease the probability that the student will see similar comments moving forward. By offering students suggestions, observations, and questions—WriteLab leaves students feeling in control of their writing process.   

Moving the Focus Away from Scores

WriteLab is unique when it comes to writing apps. Students are encouraged to work with its diverse feedback in ways they see fit and create draft after draft. This is all done in the app without the burden of meeting scores or benchmarks. Without judgment, high-stakes pressure, and grades--students feel liberated and eager to continue improving their work.

Positive and Constructive Feedback

Giving the right kind of praise has been proven to help students learn (to learn more read “The Perils and Promises of Praise” by Carol S. Dweck). You want your students’ writing to improve over time, which requires constructive useful feedback that they can incorporate into their writing. When students do things well WriteLab offers praise such as “You use succinct and engaging verbs here. Excellent job!” This is helpful because the feedback is presented positively and framed as suggestions for improvement, not criticism and commands for changes.

Play It Again, Sam (Repetition)

Little successes come from having choices, relieving the pressure of assessment, and receiving positive feedback. Together, these get amplified and truly build confidence through repetition. The only real way to become a better, more confident, writer is to write more. And WriteLab makes assigning, drafting, editing, and revising writing simple and mobile. Allowing your students more chances to write, improve, and succeed. Learn more: “Why We Love Revision at WriteLab.”

Write With Confidence Online

WriteLab also offers a free Chrome extension that helps students build their skills whether they are creating formal prose or sharing their voice and ideas across the web. Encourage students to get feedback through the extension at anytime and anywhere.

With each success comes greater confidence, allowing for more ambitious goals and a greater feeling of accomplishment. Success = Confidence = Success = Confidence ad infinitum.

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