Write with Confidence Online | WriteLab's Chrome Extension

Write with Confidence Online | WriteLab's Chrome Extension

Are you working on an online writing project, blog post, or important e-mail to your instructor? Now you can access powerful and succinct feedback from WriteLab at any moment while working on the web.

With WriteLab’s free Chrome extension you can check your daily and academic writing. No more social media posts with embarrassing mistakes, no more sharing hard to understand prose with your audiences, and no more worrying that you’re missing crucial changes that your writing can benefit from.

WriteLab’s app makes sure that you produce mistake-free prose that’s concise and clear—and logically sound. To learn more about WriteLab’s comments, questions, and feedback check out the WriteLab Guide.

Let’s explore some scenarios where WriteLab’s Chrome extension can help you feel confident in your writing regardless of the task at hand.

Writing flawless e-mails.

When composing an important e-mail to your professor or boss, you want to ensure that it is to the point and error-free. WriteLab helps you do just that in your browser, without having to copy and paste.

Crafting stellar blog posts.

Sometimes, you have to create a blog post as an assignment or for work (and sometimes just for fun). Using sites like WordPress, the extension gives you feedback—letting you edit your text directly on the website.

Making useful contributions online.

For some of your class assignments, you have to leave detailed comments on the course’s discussion board. If you want your arguments to be logical and grammatically correct WriteLab provides that bit of extra assurance.

Creating perfect applications.

You’ve noticed that for many applications—for scholarships, jobs, or internships—you fill out an online form. With WriteLab’s Chrome Extension, you can now write and edit during this process.

Avoiding embarrassing social media incidents.

Some people use social media for fun, some for work—and WriteLab supports any purpose. If Donald Trump used it, he could have avoided changing “hear by” to “hearby” and finally, to “hereby.”

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